Tis the Season of Forecasts

Tis the Season of Forecasts It’s that time of year. No, not the holidays. It’s the time that every analyst, economist, and strategist will declare their forecasts for 2023. These forecasts come from well-educated, intelligent individuals – with many years of experience. Some of the forecasts will be made with much confidence. No matter. You…
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Myth Busting! (3 Common Financial Myths)

Myth Busting! (3 Common Financial Myths) Learn 3 common myths that I hear regularly as a financial planner. Roth Conversion Myth First myth relates to Roth conversions. 401(k) vs. IRA Myth Second myth relates to retiring early and keeping your 401(k) at your employer vs. moving to an IRA. IRA Penalty? Third myth relates to…
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Cash: Benefits & Dangers

Cash: Benefits & Dangers When stocks and bonds experience negative performance, as they have this year, many investors become interested in cash. Indeed, some will repeat the mantra, “cash is king.” This has certainly been the case this year as nominal yields have been increasing to levels we haven’t seen in years. But, as with…
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DIA July 2020

A Photo From July, 2020

A Photo From July, 2020 This is a photo from July, 2020 when my family and I were in the Denver Airport heading out on a flight. This is the security line. This Too Shall Pass I took a picture because I could “picture” (through prospective hindsight) that this would be an incredible moment that…
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you can do anything but not everything

You Can Do Anything, But Not Everything

You Can Do Anything, But Not Everything Learn how a financial planner helps you with trade-offs and prioritizing your most treasured values and dreams. The advisor does NOT enable an “everything” version of your life. Optimizing Your Values The advisor helps you optimize your values through your money decisions. Thank You Thank you for watching…
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Everything is Transitory

Everything is Transitory Last year we were told that inflation was transitory. This year we learn that it is more persistent. And now investors have entered a bear market. Investors may be wondering how transitory or persistent this bear market may be. I wish we knew, but those kinds of things are only known after…
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What’s the Value of a Financial Thinking Partner?

What’s the Value of a Financial Thinking Partner? We all process “Value” differently. Each person thinks differently. Are you more interested in “Tangible” dollar value of financial advice? Tangible or Intangible? Or are you more interested in the “Intangible” value of financial advice? Regardless of your approach, this is a fun topic I love discussing.…
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The Virtue of Strategic Ignorance

The Virtue of Strategic Ignorance Strategic ignorance is a positive quality. It is choosing to ignore information that is detrimental to our well-being, and this sometimes includes market information For example, let’s say at the end of September 2021 you hibernated, or put your head in the sand. You chose to not pay attention to…
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Chasing Returns

Chasing Returns A favorite (and costly) pastime of investors is to invest in assets that have recently done well. This happens in good times as investors seek better returns, and they happen in bad times as low-yielding investments such as cash are more attractive than money-losing stocks. In other words, investors chase returns. It Feels…
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Why does the stock market go up? (Book Review)

Why does the stock market go up? In this video I’m providing a brief review of Brian Feroldi’s, “Why Does the Stock Market Go Up?”. Check it out! Brian explains terms like “Dow Jones”, “What is the S&P 500?”, and of course, answers the question, “Why does the stock market go up?!” Thank You Thank…
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