Ten Talents Financial Planning is featured in this Retirement Daily (TheStreet) article!

Enjoy this Retirement Daily article on the topic of, “When Do Workers Need To Pay Back A 401(k) Loan?”

Kaleb Paddock, founder of Ten Talents Financial Planning, is featured in this Q&A styled article.

Please use the link below to check out the article on the Retirement Daily (TheStreet) website.

Here is the link >>> When Do Workers Need To Pay Back A 401(k) Loan?

Are you more of a video person? Then check out our YouTube channel and Episode 125 of the “What’s On My Mind” series. In this episode we discuss “When is a 401(k) loan ever okay?”.

You can also find this episode on our blog using this link.

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– Kaleb Paddock, CFP®

You can learn more about Ten Talents and Kaleb, a financial advisor based in Parker, Colorado, here. Kaleb can be reached at (303) 961-4397 or kaleb@tentalentsfp.com.

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