Financial Planning Case Studies

These families turned to Ten Talents for trustworthy financial guidance and a clear path forward.

Lindy & Jason


Kat & Dax


Rachel & Dale


Grow Case Study: Lindy and Jason

Lindy and Jason had big dreams for their family but little time to organize their financial lives. To make their vision a reality, they needed a financial plan.

With the kids excelling in high school, Lindy’s non-profit taking off, and Jason getting promoted to his dream job, a lot was going right. What wasn’t going right – or, at least, what Lindy and Jason weren’t sure was going right – was their financial life. Lindy and Jason wanted to know about:

  • Saving and paying for college
  • Managing their stock options
  • How much life insurance they needed, if any
  • Whether they needed to establish a trust
  • Buying rental property for passive income
  • Which mutual funds should be in their retirement accounts
  • Any blind spots in their financial lives that they simply weren’t aware of

To get a handle on their finances, Lindy and Jason selected the Ten Talents Grow experience.

We showed them the best ways to set aside money for their children’s future. They also gained a clear picture of the potential opportunities and pitfalls of real estate investing. Finally, Lindy and Jason learned which investments and insurance coverages made the most sense for their family.

Now Lindy and Jason have a clear picture of their finances and a path to achieving their version of retirement!


Retire Case Study: Kat and Dax

When Kat and Dax turned 55, they realized it was time to get serious about retirement planning. After years of do-it-yourself investing and radio personality advice, it was time to get customized advice and start crafting retirement on their terms.

For years and years, Kat and Dax felt most comfortable with do-it-yourself financial planning. Kat read many personal finance blogs and Dax was smart about making sure they saved for the future and stuck to a reasonable budget.

With retirement decisions on the horizon though, Kat and Dax were thrilled to find Ten Talents and realize they could enjoy fiduciary, flat-price financial planning without having to "hand over" all their investment accounts to a financial firm they barely knew.

They immediately felt understood and refreshed by the transparent financial planning approach. Kat and Dax chose the Retire experience because it answered their questions  about:

  • Strategies for maximizing Social Security benefits
  • Planning for health care costs before and after Medicare
  • How to invest their retirement accounts
  • What estate planning documents were necessary
  • How to continue their charitable giving in retirement
  • Tax strategies, such as Roth IRA conversions
  • Any blind spots they were missing that could derail their retirement plans

To gain clarity, confidence, and craft retirement on their terms, Kat and Dax selected the Ten Talents Retire experience.

We showed them how to best approach Social Security as a portfolio diversification tool and how to coordinate their health care costs. They learned they were invested more aggressively than they needed to be and were relieved they could continue to self-manage their accounts but with professional guidance and recommendations from Ten Talents.

Finally, Kat and Dax learned several financial blind spots with their insurance coverages and tax return errors they could remedy before pulling the trigger on retirement.

Now Kat and Dax have a thinking partner on their side of the table and a confident path to achieving their great retirement adventure!


+Invest Case Study: Rachel and Dale

Rachel and Dale were ready to retire, but they weren’t sure if they’d saved enough to stop working. They were interested in professional management of their investments but concerned about paying 1%-2% advisory fees on their seven-digit retirement balances.

Although Rachel and Dale were settling nicely into the “empty nester” lifestyle, they were still going to work each day. They had serious questions about their finances:

  • How close are we to financial independence?
  • Can we retire in the next few years?
  • How much can we spend if we stop working this year?
  • When should we start taking Social Security benefits?
  • What will the cost of health insurance be if we stop working today?
  • Should we change the investments in our 401(k) accounts if we’ll be retiring soon?
  • How much can we give to our favorite non-profits and our grandchildren while maintaining our standard of living?

Rachel and Dale selected the Ten Talents +Invest experience to create a roadmap to retirement and enjoy professional management of their investments for a fixed, flat price.

We showed them how much they could spend in retirement based on their current burn rate, net worth, asset allocations, and Social Security benefits.

Rachel and Dale also learned which adjustments to make in their company 401(k) accounts and how much they could give to charity and to their grandchildren during their golden years.

Ultimately, Rachel and Dale discovered they could retire within the next few years, provided they implemented the financial plan we created for them and followed our investment management guidance.

Now they have renewed optimism and confidence for what retirement has in store!

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