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Financial Planning Case Studies

These families turned to Ten Talents for trustworthy financial guidance and a clear path forward.

Lindy & Jason

Young couple starting their careers

Kat & Dax

Married with children

Rachel & Dale

Couple nearing retirement

Bronze Plan Case Study: Lindy and Jason

Lindy and Jason had big dreams for their young family. To make them come true, they needed a financial plan.

A couple in their mid-30s, Lindy and Jason were expecting their second child. As a young family, they had questions about:

  • Whether they needed life insurance – and how much
  • How to pay off their student loans (and some lingering consumer debt)
  • Upsizing from a condo to a house, and how to save for the down payment
  • Electing the right workplace benefits, like 401(k) investments, health insurance, and disability insurance
  • Growing their small brokerage account and some investments inherited from a relative

To transform financial confusion into clarity, Lindy and Jason chose the Ten Talents Bronze plan.

We helped Lindy and Jason develop a plan to pay down their debt while also saving for a larger home. In addition, we discussed which employer benefits made the most sense for their young family and showed them how to manage their investments to meet the goals outlined in their financial plan.

The result? A solid understanding of their financial situation, a clear path toward achieving their goals, and the confidence they need to manage their own investments.


Silver Plan Case Study: Kat and Dax

When Kat and Dax got busy with life, their finances took a backseat. It was time to take back control.

With the kids excelling in high school, Kat’s non-profit taking off, and Dax getting promoted to his dream job, a lot was going right. What wasn’t going right – or, at least, what Kat and Dax weren’t sure was going right – was their financial life. Kat and Dax wanted to know about:

  • Saving and paying for college
  • Managing their stock options
  • How much life insurance they needed, if any
  • Whether they needed to establish a trust
  • Buying rental property for passive income
  • Which mutual funds should be in their retirement accounts
  • Any blind spots in their financial lives that they simply weren’t aware of

To get a handle on their finances, Kat and Dax selected the Ten Talents Silver plan.

We showed them the best ways to set aside money for their children’s future. They also gained a clear picture of the potential opportunities and pitfalls of real estate investing. Finally, Kat and Dax learned which investments and insurance coverages made the most sense for their family.

Now Kat and Dax have a clear picture of their finances and a path to achieving their goals! And since they’re not into number crunching and financial analysis, they also turned to Ten Talents for investment management and ongoing financial guidance.


Gold Plan Case Study: Rachel and Dale

Rachel and Dale were ready to retire, but they weren’t sure if they’d saved enough to stop working.

Although Rachel and Dale were settling nicely into the “empty nester” lifestyle, they were still going to work each day. They had serious questions about their finances:

  • How close are we to financial independence?
  • Can we retire in the next few years?
  • How much can we spend if we stop working?
  • When should we start taking Social Security benefits?
  • What will the cost of health insurance be before Medicare?
  • Should we change the investments in our 401(k) accounts if we’ll be retiring soon?
  • How much can we give to our favorite non-profits and our grandchildren while maintaining our standard of living?

Rachel and Dale selected the Ten Talents Gold plan to create a roadmap to retirement.

We showed them how much they could spend in retirement based on their spending rate, net worth, asset allocations, and Social Security benefits. Rachel and Dale also learned which adjustments to make in their company 401(k) accounts and how much they could give to charity and to their grandchildren during their golden years.

Not only that, Rachel and Dale learned that they could retire within the next few years, provided they implemented the financial plan we created for them. Now they have renewed optimism and confidence for what retirement has in store!

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