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ideal for families


Best for those with household income of at least $250,000 per year, who already have investment accounts, and are looking for a thinking partner to optimize their finances.


Includes all of the following:

3-month initial planning experience

Unlimited email and phone access

Employer benefits review and cash flow optimization

RSU and stock options guidance

Digital assets guidance (Yes, I speak crypto!)

Tax-saving opportunities

Investment review including 401(k), IRA, Roth IRA, (all accounts you have)

529 College savings strategies

Long-term retirement plan trajectory

Debt management recommendations

Most popular


Best for couples with retirement on their mind (or already retired) who see value in receiving professional advice to help optimize irreversible retirement decisions.


Includes everything from Grow, plus all of the following:

3-month initial planning experience

Advanced investment strategies for wealth preservation

Maximizing your Social Security benefits

Tax strategies: Roth IRA conversions and reducing Medicare taxes

Retirement cash flow analysis

RMD planning and withdrawal strategies

Optimizing health care plans before and after Medicare

Guidance for charitable giving in retirement

best overall value


Ongoing experience INCLUDING investment management for diligent savers with $1,000,000+ investment portfolios who are looking to hire a professional advisor.

Starting at 1% per year Debited quarterly

Available after you complete "Grow" or "Retire":

Ten Talents pays for your annual tax return filing.

Ten Talents pays for your estate planning documents and all updates/changes.

Enjoy professional management of your investment accounts

Attentive investment monitoring and proactive recommendations

Disciplined portfolio rebalancing

Quarterly performance reporting

Coordination of withdrawals and tax withholding

Proactive tax reduction ideas

Pricing deducted directly from investment accounts

Low-cost investment fund selection

All of our experiences include these valuable benefits:

Transparent pricing that protects you from hidden investment fees

A thinking partner for retirement planning

A clear, forward-looking vision for your financial life

Financial optimization that you couldn’t accomplish alone

An expert retirement guide to help you avoid common, but costly, financial missteps

Candid, trustworthy financial advice that isn’t clouded by the motivation to sell you financial products

Technical expertise combined with emotional sensitivity to financial decisions

Confidence that your retirement plan will result in the lifestyle you envision for yourself

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