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Hi, I’m Kaleb Paddock.

I’m a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) Professional based in Parker, Colorado and I'm a fiduciary and fee-only advisor. Put simply, this means that I don't sell you financial products, I act in your best interest at all times, and my pricing is clear and easy to understand.

My clients are eyeing retirement decisions, often work at technology companies, or have experienced a sudden money event (inheritance, home sale, business sale, stock IPO, gift).

I help you live life better through optimizing and coordinating your finances like never before.

Ten Talents exists because you deserve fiduciary, professional financial guidance without any shenanigans.

I work with clients in Parker, CO; Castle Rock, CO; Denver, CO and also virtually with clients across the country.


I believe that you deserve a clear understanding of how money works in your life.

Without a fiduciary advisor looking out for your family's financial interests, making smart financial decisions can be confusing. To compound the confusion, the financial marketplace is teeming with individuals who are selling financial products, not acting as fiduciaries who seek your best interest.

You can take a DIY approach and try to Google your way to financial clarity. Unfortunately, that often leads to more confusion – not to mention bad advice.

Good advice shouldn’t be hard to come by. Around here, it’s in abundance.

The name Ten Talents comes from a biblical parable found in the Book of Matthew. In the parable, a talent is a measure of precious metal. It has value.

Ultimately, the purpose of the story is to encourage good management of valuable resources. The talents are, according to the parable, gifts from Creator God. It’s our job to manage them wisely.


At Ten Talents, we help you manage your finances wisely, so that you can live life well.

More about Kaleb

Paddock Family 2023

I grew up the oldest of six children in historic Grass Valley, California. To pay for college at The Master's University, I started a math tutoring business during my freshman year. Four years later, I graduated with a degree in Finance (and a minor in running a small business!).

While designing 401(k) plans for business owners in the San Francisco Bay Area, I identified a tremendous need for fiduciary financial advice, which set me on a path to ultimately founding Ten Talents Financial Planning.

I’m a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) Professional and my firm is an investment advisor registered in Colorado. I’m also a member of the XY Planning Network, NAPFA, and FeeOnlyNetwork.

I participate in a number of Mastermind Study Groups with fiduciary financial advisors who are all committed to passionate, lifelong learning and improvement within the financial planning profession.

My wife, our four young sons, and I live in beautiful Parker, Colorado. When I'm not crafting financial plans, I enjoy playing disc golf at Westcreek in Parker, actively participating in our local church, traveling with family, volunteering as game director with AWANA, and eating at Jersey Mike's. (#13 all the way!)

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