How it works

Enjoy the same transparent experience with all of our plans.


Step 1

Talk to us

During a 30-minute discovery call, you talk us through your financial life. If you decide we’re a good fit for you, all you have to do is select one of our financial planning experiences.


Step 2

Meet with us

After choosing your experience, you visit us in person or via video chat:

  1. During the first meeting, we create a solid foundation by reviewing your Fact Finder and the documents you have gathered to start working together.
  2. Our second meeting is where we begin providing specific recommendations to improve and optimize your financial life. Topics include insurance coverages, cash flow optimizing, tax planning opportunities, and debt payoff recommendations (if applicable).
  3. For the third meeting, we provide observations and recommendations surrounding your investment portfolio including employer retirement accounts, brokerage accounts, college 529 accounts, and inherited accounts. You learn your portfolio risk score and your personal risk score along with empowering investment education to help you invest fearlessly.
  4. For the fourth meeting, we deliver your financial plan overview, retirement trajectory, and outstanding action items. If applicable, we also get you started on creating estate planning and legal documents for you and your family.
  5. For ongoing relationships, during quarterly follow-up meetings, we keep you on track with your goals, provide real-time guidance, and help you to course correct your financial plan every step of the way.

Ask about our Sample Client Service Calendar to see the topics we cover all year round.


Step 3

Check your email

Our clients love how organized and clear we make taking action to optimize your financial life. After every meeting we email you meeting recaps to highlight action items and summarize our discussion. Review our notes and send us any questions you have.


Step 4

Check in with us

Actually, we check in with you. Implementation is key to your financial plan, and we're here to hold you accountable. Why? Because we care about your success! We proactively reach out to answer questions, help you follow through with action items, and educate you on financial planning opportunities related to tax-saving decisions, investment optimization, and exposing financial blind spots.


Step 5

Enjoy financial peace of mind

Feel confident about retirement and your finances thanks to a financial plan that’s built around your goals and values.

Use our transformative experiences to improve your financial life!

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