How it works

Enjoy a refreshingly transparent financial experience.


Step 1

Talk to us

During our Introductory Call, you share what prompted you to reach out for professional fiduciary guidance.

If there's a mutually good fit where you can experience massive value through our expert financial guidance, we'll discuss how that looks for you.

For reference, every client begins with a 3-month planning experience where we meet once per month.

After 3 months, we move to an ongoing meeting cadence where we stay up-to-date with optimizing each part of your financial life together. We do this through the "Pro" advisory experience.


Step 2

Meet with us

If we agree during the Intro Call there would be significant value in working together, we move forward with either the "Grow" or "Retire" planning experience. We visit together in-person or via video chat:

  1. During the first meeting, we share initial observations and immediate action items or 'quick wins' on topics that are impactful for you. We discuss cash flow optimization, tax planning opportunities, and debt management immediately in this first meeting.
  2. For our second meeting we introduce your financial plan overview, retirement trajectory, and cast a vision for possibilities.
  3. For the third meeting, we provide recommendations surrounding your investment portfolio including employer retirement accounts, brokerage accounts, IRAs, Roth IRAs, college 529 accounts, and inherited accounts. We focus on tax-smart investing and how to create a beautifully diversified portfolio so you can retire confidently.
  4. After 3 months, we move to an ongoing meeting cadence where we help you stay on track with your goals, provide real-time guidance, actively promote healthy financial behaviors, and guide you through ongoing tax law changes, estate law changes, insurance reviews, and the ever-changing investment landscape.

Step 3

Take action

Our clients love how organized and clear we make taking action to optimize your financial life. After every meeting we email you meeting recaps to highlight action items and summarize our discussion.

Review our notes and send us any questions you have or use our online calendar to book "Working Meetings" to schedule time together for screenshare visits to complete action items.


Step 4

Experience success

Implementation is key to your financial plan, and we're here to hold you accountable.

Why? Because we care about your success!

We proactively reach out to answer questions and help you follow through with action items. We educate you on financial planning opportunities related to tax-saving decisions, investment optimization, and exposing financial blind spots.


Step 5

Enjoy financial peace of mind

Feel confident about retirement and your finances thanks to a financial planning experience that’s built around your goals and values.

Use our transformative experiences to improve your financial life!

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