Financial Planning for Doctors and Medical Professionals

Find firm financial footing through transparent, trustworthy guidance.


Physicians like you have unique financial concerns.

Whether you’ve recently completed medical school or you’re advancing in your practice, you deserve a financial planner who’s on your side of the table. You shouldn’t have to worry whether your financial advisor is seeking your best interest at all times.


At Ten Talents, your best interest is always our best interest.


Fee-only financial planning puts your interests first.

As a fee-only financial planner, our firm acts as a fiduciary. That means we have a professional obligation to provide the best financial advice for you and your family. It’s like our own Hippocratic Oath.

We sell no financial products and receive no commissions. Our only fees are for financial planning and investment management, billed directly to our clients. Simple as that.


Pay off medical school debt and start building wealth.

If you’re in residency or getting started in your practice, you might be wondering about the best way to pay off medical school loans – and how long it will take to be debt-free.

As part of your financial plan, we can help you create a debt reduction strategy. That way, you can pay off loans ASAP and start building your financial future.


Prioritize and pursue your financial goals.

Choosing the right employer benefits, paying down debt, saving for a home down payment, investing for retirement…you’ve got a minefield of financial decisions to navigate.

Thankfully, as a physician with a positive career outlook, you also have an incredible opportunity to establish wealth-building behaviors that propel you to financial freedom.

At Ten Talents, we help you implement the wealth-building behaviors that are crucial to your financial success. We also identify, define, and prioritize the financial steps necessary to create the life you envision for yourself.

Ready to gain financial peace of mind through fee-only financial planning?

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